Laws of Medicine – Find the ‘Key Sign’

Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing. Voltaire In orthopedics, I found the most value in finding what a patient knows will cause the pain. Then I make them do it – over and over […]

Long term development: What does professional development mean

Does professional development mean you attended a lot of weekend courses or get a bunch of memberships to professional organizations? I know I used to think so. I even remember hearing a colleague brag about how much continuing education they had in one year. Oh man, you had 85 hours of continuing education when only […]

The business of cash based physical therapy: It’s not about the money but motivation

Cash based physical therapy is popular – the new fad of physical therapy replacing dry needling as the new thing to do.  Last month I was asked to be on a panel concerning the business of cash pay practice. AND it got me thinking – what do I like this type of practice? Why are […]

Excellence is the only option, but it takes practice, reflection and a plan

When I teach a one or two day course, I always include a portion on expertise. This is partially selfish. I enjoy improving this part and continual update it based on new books or videos that I see. It all started with an article by Anders Ericcson.  (You can find it HERE.) In this article, […]

Mentorship in the real world: Value must go both ways

My mentors became my mentors because of a mutual, beneficial relationship. During my first year of physical therapy school, I spoke with a faculty about a project using the Functional Movement Screen.  My excitement about this screening tool had to be irritating, but I can only guess that my enthusiasm was just enough to that […]

Systems thinking: How I do the same exam over and over and over

A mentor told me, “Do the same exam, the same way, every time.” It is something that I took seriously and implemented. I made sheets of the exam, laminated each test, and practiced with every person that came in (I used the International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine initially before morphing it into my own style). […]

Social media and the negative consequences on practitioner skill

So I do not like Facebook (or maybe I like it too much which is why I do not use it). I mentor several students and new professionals. Each of these people have amazing drive and commitment to excellence. They also have Facebook. AND this is a problem. It is clear that each a community […]

What type of relationship do I want to have? Community and lifelong commitment in healthcare

It may sound silly, but I hope I get to have the same patients for the rest of my career. I will take new clients, but I enjoy the relationship with my community and seeing people year after year, day after day. When I first started my company, the commitment to the community was the […]