Educating up and coming medical, health, and fitness professionals

Medical costs are outrageous. No one (not those within working or those getting the care) feel that this growth is sustainable in the long term. The only defense as a practitioner is to get as good as possible because it gives you options as the system shifts and gets disrupted. The only way to make sure you progress is to have a plan.

So at our clinic, you may find a undergrad student figuring out their next step into medicine as they intern.

Or medical doctor in their residency spending a day shadowing as I work through the physical exam with them.

Or a physical therapy student on their last rotation before practicing themselves.

Or physical therapist who has been in the field for years and wants a new perspective

I always want to impact their learning strategy and study plan. It seems that a good portion have not considered the value of getting a study plan in place prior to their first day of real practice.  I found pretty quickly that if you do not have plan, someone else will give you one. Or worse yet, no one will and you will be the same practitioner 20 years for now and the upcoming medical disruption might crush you.