What type of relationship do I want to have? Community and lifelong commitment in healthcare

It may sound silly, but I hope I get to have the same patients for the rest of my career. I will take new clients, but I enjoy the relationship with my community and seeing people year after year, day after day.

When I first started my company, the commitment to the community was the major driving force. I wanted a tribe.  I needed to feel valuable my people.

I felt burned out by the ‘turn and burn’ philosophy (if you have not waited tables, this means getting the customer in and out as fast as possible so the next person can sit at the table). I wanted time.

Time to think and reflect.

Time to grow and mature.

Most of all, I wanted time to build a relationship that mattered.

In that type of relationship, I have to be honest.  I am compelled to tell someone I expect you to get better in 3 visits, but it may take 10.  Or if the pain resolves in one visit, I have to make sure I tell them it is OK to cancel the next because I know the trust is more important than the money another visit could bring.

There are some side effects.  In a community, you have role and if you do not live up to that role, the consequences are nasty. The members speak to each other and would know if someone received sub standard care. There would be a quick and negative repercussion.

BUT I think this is the future of healthcare.

Would you keep a friend waiting in the lobby for 45 minutes?

Would you double book a friend?

Would you stay late to make sure they get in the same day?

Would you value the relationship over earning more money?

Would you lie about your knowledge on the problem?

I hope the answer is clear. My interest is in the ongoing relationship and the commitment between the practitioner and client.




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